About DesignCoz

We play with technology, every day.

Why don’t all great ideas turn into great products? Why do people respond better to certain designs? What is it that makes some products, truly enjoyable?

Humanized experiences.

And that’s what we specialize in - creating delightful experiences for people through digital products. No matter what the industry or technology platform you choose to create, we ensure the final product will build a genuine connection with the people you are reaching out to.

We’re a team of professionals who enjoy the challenge of transforming business objectives into experiences that are aesthetic yet practical. That’s why each product we’ve developed across 24 domains, has translated to success for our clients.

Meet the Founders

The people running the show
Devina Coutinho

Devina Coutinho

Co-Founder and CEO

Want someone from IIT Bombay and with past experience in Adobe Systems working with you? Meet Devina. She graduated in Product Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design and then got her master’s degree in Interaction Design from IDC, IIT Bombay. She went on to work with Google developing and evolving various products around News. Then, for 4 years she worked with Adobe Systems as a UX Designer on Dreamweaver. She was responsible for enhancing a code editor that thousands of developers across the world use, in a way that makes designs easier to code. She initially worked as a UX Consultant with multiple startups like Craftsvilla, Timesaverz, Parentlane, Stitchwood etc as their first and only UX designer, until DesignCoz was founded.

She was the first woman to be elected as the IIT Bombay Alumni Secretary in Bangalore for 2 years. While in college, she was the Department Placement Coordinator and was also actively involved in organising various events and conferences throughout the years. Apart from that, she enjoys travelling, exploring different cultures, tailoring clothes, food and reading.

Althea Coutinho

Althea Coutinho

Co-Founder and UI/UX Designer

She graduated in Communication Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design and for 2 years, was working with Tap to Learn, Y-combinator funded startup. While she was still in college, she designed multiple apps in the education and entertainment domain. Among them was a series of 15 fully-functional apps movie trivia app that covered around 1000 Hollywood films. (Check out the awesomeness). She has also worked with various organizations including IIT Bombay, conducting extensive user research and testing for various innovative digital products that she was developing.

She was the Football Vice Captain of Maharashtra, a 6th grade pianist from Trinity College of Music and loves doing arduous things that not many enjoy – like running ultra-long marathons. She really is an extrovert with several introverted hobbies like reading and photography and spending hours listening to podcasts and audiobooks.